Minimap doesn't load in some character

Hey @Ryan,

Some of my characters have the Map greyed out. How to fix this?

When was the last time you updated your minimap?

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I usually update whatever you posted on the release channel which including the phbot.exe and the navmesh folder. Is there another minimap somewhere I need to update?

If it’s very old it will not contains some temples. Where are the characters that do not have a working map? Also, if you’re talking about the Manager, the Manager does not support caves.

the Character was in Downhang, pretty much everywhere it goes the greyed out. The funny thing is, it only happens with a few characters, I have other characters sharing the same bot folder with the same mimimap and it is showing just fine.

I am not talking about the manager. I am talking about the phbot.exe the Map section under the chat section. I usually login as clientless so I pretty blind without the map to move my characters around LOL

Which server is it?

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Official? If it’s a private server they could have modified the areas. I don’t know of any other cause.

Vsro is a commercial server (official with Joymax released and with X-trap) from my understanding. However, Vsro is not on the bot list so I created the server as private.

I am not sure the cause either because some of the characters are also in town and the map is working fine. Would you recommend In delete everything and re-install the bot?

In addition, I have also created multiple phbot bot and manager folders to manage different groups of party. Do you think this can be potential the cause?

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