Media.pk2 data.pk2 could not be opened

Your game path is most likely wrong.

when i delete and reinstall i can’t select the game folder is installed like this

Go to the edit private server dialog and change it from there.

i don’t understand

Before you choose your private server, click the edit button and change the path for the one you’re trying to use it with.

in the manager section?

No, in the bot.

again i didn’t understand anything sorry

Delete the vSRO.json file.

there is no file vSRO.json

I deleted and reinstalled 13 times I guess I can’t

i just play isro. Always got this error. even though i reinstalled.

Move the game directly to your C:\ drive.

i got the same issue ?? should deleting vsro.json fix that ?
i was already logging in site to ask you about that … it was working but i installed a new windows for my pc after that it gives me the same error

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