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  • Chinese skill damage has been updated to be in line with iSRO

as in fire/light/cold all in 1x mastery? & weapon mastery’s are separate? thats 2x mastery point each lvl … instead of 4x

but then … the Recovery build will be left behind…

i suggested on isro team the following:

separate chinese Element mastery’s & make it independent from each other
which means 4x Mastery each lvl
even though suggested 5x Mastery each lvl … since “Recovery” mastery wasn’t important … though why not have that mastery

for who also wanna try other builds in same character … instead of lvling up new one

same goes for the EU
instead of 2x mastery point per lvl
make it 3x

for who want to open ALL phy attack skills with 1 buff type
warrior rogue cleric
warrior rogue bard

or magic attack skills combining between
warlock wizard bard cleric

or being a pure buffer character STR or INT or even MIX
combining between
cleric warrior bard warlock(stun buff & reflect)

It’s “suspicious” because Google does not know about the domain. Nothing I can do about it as far as I know.

Masteries are not like that - you get to max 3 and an extra one up to 70 or so at 80 cap. The skills are balanced and they are actually not iSRO skills.

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