Many things is wrong with the bot!

i was using another Cracked Bot and it was doing fine
2 days ago i decided to try phBot and i bought 2 weak to try it

i have many problems with it
*no auto walk and if there is auto walk it stuck
*slow attacking
*buffer stop buffing the players in pt

is there is something i do wrong or what ?!!!


If you were using mBot or sBot before, you need some time to learn and figure out phBot. It’s so different than the other bots. I mean it’s difficult for a new user.

Auto walk does not work on private servers.

There is a slowness compared to other bots. If you disable Earth Quake for the Wizard the problem can be solved somewhat.

Bard’s fast running skills are often dysfunctional.

Yes it does. How would private servers be any different compared to iSRO for path finding?


yes some of the skills has delays in wizard. Needs to be solved.

Send me an account. 99% of the time it’s latency to the server.


guys just mastered it thanks for response
i want to extend my Subscription
how to do that ?
will it be the same user and pw i got on mail ?

and is there is something to do to control bots remotely like from mobile ?!