Manger - "There are no servers in the list."

I see you’ve answered this question twice before, but I cant figure it out.

In Manager, I’ve created a “phSro” group. I’ve added my character. When configuring my character, under the Edit tab, in the Type groupbox, I’ve chosen Locale:“Private Server” and Private Server:“phSro” which matches what Ive configured in my normal phbot (when running without the manger). In the Login groupbox, I’ve entered “Earth” for my Server.

When I start the character, phbot opens and gives the error “There are no server in the list. Please add one before attempting clientless login.”.

In the phbot “Server” dropdown list, there are no servers (Earth is not listed). It has the correct gateways though.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: This doesnt seem to strictly be an issue with Manager. Even if I open phbot without the manager, I cant select anything from the dropdown either.

Go into the edit private server dialog and add a server.

I saw you post the same answer elsewhere. Where is this dialog? In the manager?

Click the “A”. Add “Earth” to it.


I’m sorry, but the manager i downloaded from your website doesnt have this dialog. I dont know if this is from a different version, or through some context menus.

It’s in the bot.






Oh. i never hit that edit button because “phsro” is the correct private server.
ok, thanks

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