Manger dosent read my chars config

when i use manger with phbot testing i cant find my chars config , all config are clean
but when i use phbot icon only with out manger i can find my config !
what is the problem and how to solve it

Settings are loaded when the char joins the game

i left chars untill they joined the game and data did not load

Here I started having the same problem a few weeks ago, I couldn’t solve it, I had to set the profile manually for each character in the manager.

i just solved it 10 minutes ago :smiley: just move all manger files to phbot folder
and loggin ur chars u will find all ur config`s

This files?

yes cut those 6 files and put them into phbot folder, then start the manger from phbot folder

just like this

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That’s just simply not the solution. Perhaps you have linked to the wrong phbot folder in your manager settings

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