Manger Block


1. The manager blocks me every day what I do

These are the settings

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want to solve what to do

Time is wasted and I am not playing

The manager unlocks 3 characters, which has banned me

maybe the “not ingame 0min’s”

spamm close bot & open new & connect to server

spamm connecting to server

ip ban 6h

set as this & edit from there:

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Not in game is fine to be set at 0. Make sure you have each of the 2 accounts starting at once on different gateway servers.

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The value is set to 900, not in game

The experiment is underway

Are these settings correct?

You need to alternate between each gateway in the Manager.

It’s Isro file issue. May be broken some parts. Possibly you are getting this error without bot. If so, Reinstall game.

There is no solution, I want images from the correct settings

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thank you

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