manger app crushed silkroad

i start manger app , then click start for just only one account , it load and open then open silkroad but at some point after that the game crushed , not getting DC , and the phbot closed too
please help Ryan
thanks for you helping

You likely need to increase your disconnected delay or not in game delay in manager settings.

ok i got it , but what they are refer to !
and how much should I increase them !?

Disconnected is the time from when the bot is shown as disconnected to the time that it closes.

not in game is the amount of minutes that it will count before closing if you arent in game. So if you set it to 60 and you dont enter the game after 60 mins, it will close the bot.

It depends how slow your pc is really, set to disconnected to 60000 and not in game to 0. You can make the disconnected delay larger is you still have a problem.

u said crash as in turn into clientless?
cuz u said no disconnected.

it could be the server, check with others if they’re having the same problem
or check bot to see you didn’t select turn into clientless.
check pc if disk or CPU usage in Task Manager

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