Manager question

Im wondering if once manager is set up does the information for the character save in manager or in a different file some where else. Im asking because I did a factory restore on my pc and only backed up the manager, when i open it it shows me the basic info of the characters ( names, ids, pws) but im scared all the settings where lost. If any one knows I would love to know before starting the bot lol. One last thing, i used to use proxys from a paid subscription for the bots but now I hear people say not to use proxys because I will get banned? I used to play SROR but now with the merge Im guessing it might be different?
Any info would help.
Thanks alot and happy gaming to all.

It’s stored in Manager.enc. I believe the SilkroadR server is now Palmyra on the iSRO client. Proxies should be fine. Lots of people use them to get around the 2 character login limit.

Thank you Ryan. One last questions, what happened to weeman, is he no more?

That is me.

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Well, im happy to see you’re still here :smiley:

weeman after my 2 chars in game 3th one is enterring. after enter second password its not counting how can i fix it i set my manager start up 2 chars in same time shall i change this?

guys i fixed it it was about my old accounts need to accept privacy policy…

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