Manager Proxy <3

Hi Ryan, can you make Phbot Manager proxy pool? Example: IP addresses are constantly being c7. Instead of manually selecting the IP addresses, it would be more reasonable to use normal working ip from the manager database. It disables it on c7 ip threads, so you don’t need to try again.

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told it in private chat , discord suggestion channel and i got ignored :smiley:

If these features are added, they can be purchased on a weekly basis. @Ryan

I don’t like adding things that Joymax should and probably will fix.

some of peoples doing this already with their own plugins & managers. should be public :smiley:

well u should ask ‘‘some people’’ to realease them public no?

Keep waiting. :frowning:

If I got this right that means a pool of IPs which the manager will use with maybe 2 instances of the bot to login with so you could log more than 2 bots at the same time without any problems like IP bans ?? Am I right ?

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