Manager private server

Currently I am not able to use the manager, it seems to me it does not work.

I put all functions and it does not open the game and does not work, I even tried to follow tutorials, however without success.

I have to open the bot on characters manually every day

I play in JoySRO

u didnt write the server name in the first box in the Type :

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even if everything is set up correctly, the game does not start, in the screenshot below the two open silkroads I open manually

image image

manager system records. but can’t open it for hours.

You probably have the server name typed wrong. It needs to match the bot.

no, it occasionally enters


So what’s happening? Does the bot open at all or does it not login/start the client?

@Ryan bro look please. The first character entered after trying many times. The 2nd character entered on his first attempt. Now, the third character started trying many times. image

I think your delays are too short in the Manager.


Do it like this from top down:

5000 ms
60000 ms
30000 ms
3 minutes

I changed the setting in this way and the problem disappeared. Thank you very much for your interest @Ryan bro.

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