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Hi guys, I have a problem with manager on iSRO. It doesn’t want to relog clients if I’m not in queue. When I start phbot with manager and the phbot starts client and I won’t stand into queue, the bot just wait, either client or phbot doesn’t relog. There is just this information and I have to relog manually:

Can I ask you guys to send the screenshot of your manager options below? It would be very helpful to me, I tried a lot of things and nothing helped. These are mine settings:
Bez tytułu

Hope you can help me, becouse I’ve just bought phBot week ago and It’s veeery annyoing. Thanks in advantage!

You should login to isro clientless, you can open the client via teleport after you login

Could you tell me exactly where can I open client via teleport? Thank!

Edit: Ok nvm, I figured this out :slight_smile: Thanks for advice, but is this the only way to make phbot relog? I mean, login to isro clientless?

No you can login with the client also but there’s no point for isro… because of the full queue it could take 50+ tries before you even get into the queue. It’s way faster and easier on your pc if the client isn’t opening every single time.

I see, but it doesn’t solve my problem ;/ I see now that even when I try to open bot without client, It stops relog when I’m not in queue, as you can see on this screenshot:

It made relog once and then It says that “Stanby list is full” and nothing happens

Could you please send me the screenshot of you manager options? It would be very heplful to me, maybe I set something wrong.

You have to keep the char in manager on start so that it can close and reopen it. Your settings seem fine

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