Manager not working with SroTimes

cant make the manager relog accs ingame , is it even working with SroTimes any1 has any ideea?

Can you be more specific on what doesn’t work

i add all the data abou the char, the server etc and when i press start nothing happens

all the data is correct, times is how i saved the server

You need to actually add them to manager, you’re just using the auto detected section

i added them manually , presses save multiple times. When i restart the manager the accounts dissapear and the manager is empty hmmmmmmmmm

tryd on 2 laptops they both behave the same

You aren’t saving them… don’t use the ### group… that is a temporary group that has detected open bots which aren’t in manager.

You need to make your own group and save them there… like where you have “*New”

kek solved ty for opening my eyes

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