Manager not starting phbot.exe (Ubuntu)

Hello ProjectHax,

first of all: very decent software, I really like using it. Keep on going =)

When I was using phbot and its manager a couple of weeks ago on my linux cloud machine, everything worked like a charm.

But when I’am trying to start a client via the manager, phbot.exe opens for a second and then closes immediately … without any error reporting either. The bot manager (which I’am able to run via wine) restarts the phbot.exe and it crashes again.

The same folder (I’am using Dropbox to share it) is working well on Windows on my home machine.

If I start phbot.exe directly via wine, it does not crash and it seems that there is not any problem keeping it alive.

System: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS bionic
wine: wine-5.0.3
Manager version: v1.9.9
Bot version: v25.1.1

The additional files which are needed in order to run it (as described here phBot) do exist in the same directory as phbot.exe.

Maybe you can give me any advice to get an error report somehow? I enabled crash dumps for phbot.exe but I cannot really find them.

Is there maybe a problem with the minimaps in this case? I remember that when everything was working I skipped installing minimaps … could that be the reason? But I actually disabled it in the manager …

Thanks in advance,

Update: I just ran Manager.exe with wine via console command and it is now able to keep its phbot.exe processes alive. Before I just went with right click and ''Open With Wine Windows Program Loader".

Maybe it is a problem related to permissions and has nothing to do with the manager or phbot.exe itself. Very strange, I’ll keep you updated if I find out more about this.



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