Manager Login with priority

In the Manager it is possible to create Groups for the Accounts.
It would be great if the Manager could login the chars with priority by Group.
For example:
Group 1:
-Char 1
-Char 2
-Char 3

Group 2:
-Char 4
-Char 5
-Char 6

While the Chars in Group are trying to login, its possible that one of the Char in Group 1 get disconnect. So it would be nice, when the Manager use the next slot for the Char in Group 1

Not sure if this helps but you can add a number to the beginning of each name and they will be started in that order.

So when i add a number to the beginning, how will handle the Manager this whenn Number 1 get disconnect and is logging char 4 and 5.
Is the next Char 1 or Char 6?

If they all disconnect at once it goes by the order in the list.

And if only 1 Char disconnect? Will it continue with char 6 oder get char 1 preffered?

How would it prioritize if only one disconnects? Do you mean if another disconnects while it’s reconnecting? It would not stop that one to start a higher one up on the list.

Explain what u mean or how plz
Like example
Name a char login like how?
1 cler
Which one is th correct coding for the manager to understand?

Can i start from number 2?
And leave 1 open for when ever i want to add new char for login/test…?

This is from 2018.

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