Manager Login Problem

I noticed a Problem with the Login through the Manager.
When i pressed start to Login one char it looks good. But after a while in the waiting list, the bot close and the Manager reconnect.
I have the Problems with the latest stable version and test version.

Now when Login without the Manager, all is fine and work.

Any ideas what the problem is?

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Yeah, i got this too since yesterday :frowning:

Im getting this message
[18:07:46] No packets received from the server within 10 minutes, disconnected

But im pretty sure its cuz off slow proxy

Manager and bot showing that char is online (manager online/botting)

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I don´t have any Bot window because the Manager restart it.
In Manager is the State still on “Logging”.

When i double click on the char name, i see only from where the logging began. But with every restart its an new Window.

Do you have an Idea?

@Verya Are you using a proxy like Slaintrax?

No - just with my normal IP
I tried to log only one, or two or set all to Startup and let the Manager do the work

sometime Bot/Manager not detect a dc and then relog not work
it show “Connected” but the char have dc
its very rare and old bug

The “Connected” text in the bot title and the connected state shown in the Manager is controlled completely by what Qt returns for the socket state. I can’t really fix Qt bugs if that’s the case.

Have you opened up Process Explorer / TCPView to see if it’s actually disconnected?

Relog is Not the Problem.
I can only log my Char with VIP because he has instant Access. My other Chars without VIP cant Login due to the Traffic and Stay in the waiting list. After a while in the List, the bot Window close and the Manager make an relog

@Verya That sounds like a configuration option you set in the Manager to automatically restart the bot if it is not logged in within X minutes.

I checked the Settings and found „Not in Game 65 Minutes“
That what you mean?
I have set this to 0 now

Yup that’s exactly the setting. You could set to 600+ just in case you go away for a while.

many times Manager v1.7.6 say In Game / Botting and sro window say disconnect so i do press x on bot and Manager relog

When that happens can you open Process Explorer or TCPView to make sure the connection is actually closed?

sir i have install this program but where i see connection?

@GandalfBoom You have to add your accounts to the Manager then it will start the bots.

in Process Explorer what i have to do?

Click on the phBot process and go to the TCP tab. There it will list all of the active connections. If you don’t see any “established” connections then you are not connected to the server.

como coñisimo de la puta madre me creo una nueva cuenta aqui ahora para poder comprar tiempo del phbot