Manager doesnt like me

Hmm, So new to using manager, added bot path to phbot.exe seems to do nothing when i press start with all my info logged. Seems like its not even trying to open phbot Really confusing.

I can use phbot by itself and open lots of chars. Then open manager and it detects them but after that when the phbot closes or dc’s, I cant do anything through the manager without launching them individually again and logging in which is a pain in the ass.

Meaning i can only use 2 char or it will try log to many at same time and render that ip useless, so ill have to restart the router.

It sucks most times i just go manual its hard work tho with 15+ char. Literally sitting there 2hour then log another 2 not how i wanna live my life lol.

And yes deja vu when they dc ill have to repeat the outlandish experience yet again.

Any reason why i cant launch phbot through the manager and log them in without having to open them individully and type the info its a big time waster. Cheers

Isro btw, using stable version

Sorry for such a big rant my experience.

Okay i managed to spend like 10hours to fixy issue, i found a solution it was the skip updates button wouldnt let it launch for some reason. My only question now is why is recconect on dissconnect greyed out?

Love talking to myself btw :joy:

Click the log button. It will tell you if there are any errors.