Manager do not Login

So i am using the PhBot Manager for a Private Server, it start up the Bot and then the Client but wont login in the Account.
Even if i try to put the User/Pass manually nothing happens.
P.S: The PhBot works fine

Thanks for the Replay
It still wont login the names are correct, can it be because i downloaded the manager separated ? or does the problem is with the server ?

Manager is just opening the regular phbot…

There was something weird with PureSRO after they updated the game, i think they broke something. Try redownloading it from the website.

I will try it thanks !

Well i found where the Problem was and would like to share it so others wont have it too.
The Problem is when adding a private server to the PhBot there is a scan button which must to be clicked to refresh the Servers list, the Server under the Password area in the manager must have exactly the same name as the server in the PhBot.
The following picture should describe it.

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