Manager Disconnect problem

Hello Mr. @Ryan
First of all i would love to thank you for this really nice bot that you serve us with and how amazing its,
i kinda have small complain about Manager , whenever you are opening it and its running and suddenly your internet cuts off while manager is up and running the game disconencts ofc but the problem is manager itself doesnt start opening chrs again when internet comes back to router you have to close it and reopen it, it happened alot with me , i dont know it manager is linked to phbot server by internet connection and when internet goes down it cuts off the connection dont know how it works but the manager actually stops to login chrs again once internet service is conencted again.
i wish it could be modified or fixed if its a bug.
please i wish you can take a look into that matter or if there is something i should do to fix it from here pls lemme know .
thanks again and please keep business up! Cheers :heart: