Manager didnt work since last update

after last update my manager didnt work and I press start on my chr’s and nothing happen , can u help me plz

no response , idk what is the problem

Check your bot folder and delete the lock files if you have any.

sry lock files like what


ok i will check it now , thx

nothing found like this form in bot folder :frowning_face:

Open it manually and let it create the database then use the Manager.

i did , same prob not responding , i try to update my windows maybe it will solve the problem , thx for replaying i will inform you what will happen after update finish

ok its work now after windows update
can u inform me best setting for manager
which one better or which one of them i should mark ??
and i want to know the usage of start once


The defaults are pretty good. If this is not iSRO you can set the “not in game” option to 10.

ok thx <3 , and what about start once ??

Depends on the server. If it’s iSRO then you need to login 1 at a time.

aha , so i wont use it in private one , i press on group name and start to open all group at same time

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