manager&CPU acting up

hello @Ryan
every few minutes
while manager is running
my PC freeze for few seconds
when im running manager
with multiple accounts
the more account i have
the more the freezing time lengthening up
got 8x by manager & 1x without it…
also it some times happens
not always
like yesterday … was cool
today it does that
is there some full memory that needs to be empty or something instead of restarting my PC?

whats the reason behind this act?
it effects the CPU not GPU
goes up to 100% & heats up
even though … all accounts on clientless…

Its something with your system
I have ~5% CPU with ± 40-50 chars

& CPU stable at 3% when its not acting up with all those bots

& the above line is CPU
under line is GPU

It also depends on Hardware

hardware as the the drive? SSD

No hardware like cpu mainbaord and so.
For example. Bevor i bought my new system i got a Notebook and Notebook CPU are trash

Also if you can´t handle the heat your cpu begins to make problems like this

my PC CPU system with its win10pro … is programed to set normal heat at around 43~53c heat since i bought it few years ago

unlike my old PC with windows vista 32x
normal heat around 35c

& this problem appears this today… the lag/freeze i mean…

check with cpuZ if it clocks down when its freeses if yes its throteling it could be power or heat issue
what do you mean its programmed to heat around 43-53c ? … if you set a limit like for example dont let the cpu exide 53c it will trothel down to keep the temp … pls send also some sreenshot with the heat setting what you mean this could be the issue

i have a leptop with a old i3 from 10years ago with 10 ph bot all CL cpu is always around i think 5%

it also could be some windows 10 prosesses but most likely not but just in case you wanna know more about it just google debloat windows 10 or serch for it on YT if i debload it my W10 is 0% cpu usage after startup

CPU heat idle’s around that…
& even with 9 bots running(clientless)
& CPU usage around 3% … since years

this lagging started today

i just restarted the PC … i’ll see monitor it a bit & see what happens

as i restart my PC once every few month’s … that is if im forced so … like power off … or cleaning PC…

normally if i see some low performance … i open windowns10 TASK-MANAGER … & “RESTART” the “Windows Explorer” … been like that for years … since i bought this PC as new with win10pro as new…

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