Malicious Devil

The bot keeps trying to spam the Malicious Devil ability even while it is on cooldown.

This slows down attacks but it does still attack between thankfully. Unfortunately it slows it down just enough to make Giants a huuuge pain.

[16:15:12] Using [Malicious Devil Skill]
[16:15:13] Gained 12,909 experience and 151 SP experience
[16:15:15] Picked 376 gold
[16:15:18] Using [Malicious Devil Skill]
[16:15:24] Gained 13,296 experience and 156 SP experience
[16:15:26] Picked 471 gold
[16:15:31] Using [Malicious Devil Skill]
[16:15:32] Gained 12,909 experience and 151 SP experience
[16:15:34] Picked 426 gold
[16:15:37] Using [Malicious Devil Skill]

A short term fix is removing the item and re-equipping. You can actually see the bot speed up the second you do. But the problem will start happening again after a pretty short amount of time.

Could this have anything to do with “Awakening Enhancement Scroll” time running out and no longer having the ignore monster defense ability?

Possibly. Those items don’t exist on vSRO so there’s no easy way for me to test it. Something probably happens to the expiration time when that runs out. You should not have that issue when not using the enhancement scroll.

Alright I’ll keep an eye on it and see if that’s for sure what it is then.

Is there anything I can provide from my end to help with looking at that?

I would need an account with those items.

FYI new accounts in iSRO start with a 7 day devil’s spirit.

I will happily provide awakening scrolls for it.

It’ll have to be tomorrow. Let me know which server it’s on.

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Sounds good, thank you. I won’t be online tomorrow until around 2000-2030 UTC

Server is Bellona

I’m online and available if you are

Does it need to be a new account or can it be a new character? It’s going to take an hour to login at least.

Just tested, just a new character not account.

That will be easier. 1H 10M for the queue.

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Just figured out how to reproduce.

1: Have devil skill on cooldown with no awakening scroll upgrades.
2: Run bot.
3: While bot is running remove Devil’s Spirit
4: Upgrade to lvl 5+ so ignore monster upgrade skill is added.
5: Re-equip

Once this happens the problem will continue until the 3hr time passes

What happens to the time when Devil’s Spirit was already used and you use the enhancement scroll? Does it completely reset and can be used again or does the time stay? I think I know what the problem is if the time does not reset.

The 30 minute cooldown persists after upgrading

Should work in the next version.

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Awesome. Thank you very much!

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