Magic pop

phbot can do magic pop ?

It cannot.

can’t add it ? players in my server use it idon’t know which bot … ithought it’s phbot :smiley:

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Also people auto attack in Job mode to other players. I don’t know which bot is that. Ha ha. :smile:

How about u make it ur self phbot has plugins instead of crying for every single thing…

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already try and fail …

I could look into it I guess. I’m not sure if they changed it on iSRO so it would only work on private servers.


please do it if you can magic pop become very value thing in most of private server
waiting for it :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

iam playing PVE and they use it … can u tell me how i do it please, sir ? …

waiting answer <3

You can do it with xControl. Make a script which injects packets.