Lure script & gold pick

lure script
suggest to add trigger box for [back to center after luring between set locations] to refill HP and just get what u got to pt to kill and spawn new maybe Gpt with luck
also another trigger box with it for [wait certain time at center]
gold pick
i got 8 chars … 1 of them have pick pet
that pick pet dont pick ALL gold on the ground… why?
pick by character = slow down kills
each character have pick pet = i’ll be poor fast…

You wants this so handle it on your own

u mean like hack the bot & code it to do goldpick in an accurate way
& lure return to center after each location reached to lure bot?
or try another bot or what?
please explain your negative/aggressive response?

for pick u have pick filter tab and you can setup all u want on
for lure when you mak script ur warior back to center … or u missed somthing on your script lure ?
center > walk lure x y cast skil > center cast skil > walk lure cast skil > center cast skil wait
is a example
or you can use auto lure by walking range

sry i dont get how to make/add one … bot fck’s it up
how do i add center & skill cast in this


edit it & show me so i can get the point
also … center XY is not in this … do i add the word “center” ? or an XY for the center?
can u edit this so i can see the bigger picture…?

just mak ur scripr like u mak one for training area but add this
when you edit you’r script use the cast skill or bersek button for add you’r own skill at xy you want and for center just walk on your center …
exemple :
cast,Howling Shout
cast,Beast Roar
cast,Howling Shout
cast,Howling Shout

sry i forgot to mention center location
but after some guidance & fix’s…
i managed to run it good

another issue …
how can i set bots to NOT attack mobs outside “set range”

or anychance for making an option of “not to trace mobs outside range”(for attackers)

It does not select monsters outside your radius. If it’s doing that you might have a radius that’s too high.

the warrior with his “protection” buff on the Cleric & Bard
some times
when he come to center … & head off again to lure
some monsters go after him
results into having other players too
who attacking those monsters
to going after the monsters
funny stuff xD

lol bro lure is the only thing in ph like open source, you have to command like wait 7000ms i script creator like
cast skill
walk 0000 back to the center
wait 8000ms ???

lure is the only thing i do it like what i want, walk to here and wait here every thing is available, about pick filter you have to make all your chars pick each one of them his own items, like don’t use pick pary items, i open pts and don’t need 1 pet every char pick his own items and gold.