Lure problem about Mind Bow

Before lure mod update, with “use radius(in training place)” option, most of the time my char can use Mind Bow, sometimes it didn’t work. But after lure mod update; with “use radius” option, char can’t use mind bow. But another char can lure with lion shoot with “use radius” option. With “use polygon” option, my char can use Mind Bow, but my lure char olsa my pick item char, so if I use “use polygon” option, his pet don’t pick items. In patch note: it works well with normal attack, but with “use radius” option, char don’t lure with normal attack.
So: with “use radius” option, char can’t lure with Mind Bow or normal attack, but char can use Shock Lion Shoot.

I wan’t to do lure with “Mind Bow” and “Use Radius” option but it dosn’t work. Char only walking in training place.

Your training area is probably too big. It only attacks monsters outside the radius.

Thanks @Ryan. It seems working.

Lastly, can’t we use together “Equip better items” and “Change primary weapon if broken” ? It sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t works(primary weapon breaks and char stops training).