Lure Not Stopping When its Supposed to

OK, so ive got my lure setting done like in the picture i uploaded. seems simple enough, but when the requirements are hit it KEESP luring… and i keep dyeing. my temporary fix is to howling shout to my skill list, and just use it when im attacking anything other than a PT Giant. its working surprisingly well. but it is no good when our cleric goes to town. still wanna figure out the Lure issue. anyone have any ideas?

Stop if more then : Does it works with > or >= because when stop if more then 0 party giants are in the training area might not work I’m not sure and I wanna learn

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Yea i tried that. i had “1” to start, when that did not work i went to “0” still nothing :frowning:

I don’t know man when I use these features it works great for me

can you send me a screenshot of your settings? or are they basically the same?

I have no 0 s for party giant mine is 1 and it’s working.
Have you entered any conditions to prevent stops attacks ?

in the attacks’ tab? yea i think i have dont attack back checked, but not having a prob with that… im going to try making it a 1, and see if it works this time for some reason.

You can check your stop lure more easily with stop if there are more than 1 monster in the training area man. Let me know if its work. And can you share a screen shot of your condition tab and also attack tab

@imertkaradayi you think like me, its crazy thats what i had used to test everything in the past. just now it was not working still tried a few settings nothing worked, still lured… thought i would try restarting my bot… now its working GREAT!! dont know what happened but there it is!
P.S. the best part of this is i learned that i can add attack skills for when lure is turned off! so excited about that! ive always thought it should be doable… i guess it was. (just switched from Sbot, you couldn’t with that one) thxs for the help

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I tried to help mate but not helped that much. I’m happy that your problem is resolved. Yes phbot attacks if you won’t select the don’t attack option when you are stop luring also there is a
CONDITION Tab - I strongly recommend to check that and see how it’s working. You can control lot’s of function of your bot and edit the scripts from your bot

yea ive played with that tab alot, its been 3 days in the bot now… getting the hang of it! do you know how the proxy works? i hear that i can log more than 2 chars, at at time and they dont need premium. if i use proxy i dont get ban… are you familiar with that?

In TRSro you will get banned. IDK the others but the are lots of proxy servers on web you can search and find it. phbot allows you to use proxy on bot if you want.

keep in mind that the settings apply to your trainingsradius as well, it prolly changes the fact that it doesnt stop but ay…
try adding condition:
stop lure when player X not at trainingsarea

does it cost extra at all? im isro i think, just the regular one from joymax i think, so i know i cant log more than 2 per IP, but does the proxy make it so you can log more? how many can you log? where can i find a tutorial on how to do it, im sure there is one here already somewhere i just cant find it…

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