LURE: Buff only at the center


During lure script buffing could be extremely dangerous. However when we select “buff only after the lure script ends” the character could wander without some essential buffs such as grass walk.

So if there was an option that enables the character to cast buffs at the center whether or not lure script is still going on it would be great.

Thanks for your attention.

If I’m not wrong, as soon as lure script starts bot uses it as a blueprint to your characters actions, if a buff cancels or expires meanwhile luring is working I assume bot is awaiting that script to end before any other actions. If it goes back to the center to buff again I believe luring script would start at the begining, not at the position where bot pauses to buff. Might need more work than it looks to make that happen.

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I can add “DoBuffs” as a script command so you can do it whenever you want.


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