Loop gold takes/stores when amount > 1b

hi ryan,

some private servers have huge gold drops/usages at all.
f.e. legion has several stalls with items that costs well over gold.

when i want to store/take gold from (guild-)storage, i need to trigger it 100x for 100b gold due to the max allocated bytes for the amount in that store/take-packet.

i already wrote some plugin to loop the store/take packet as much as required to simplify the usage ingame ([Plugin] ItemManager).

when i want to make use of the townscript for my stall-chars i have no other way to store gold manually using my plugin at all, because they will only store/take 1b gold per (guild-)storage usage.

is there a way that you gonna loop it natively (similar as my plugin; f.e. 100x store/take 1b gold for 100b gold)?