Looking for good Proxy services

any one knows any good proxy services to use for phbot ?

Depends on how many IPs you need. You could look for a SOCKS proxy provider with dedicated IPs or you could get multiple cheap VPS’s by searching on LowEndBox and using PuTTY.

im looking for 3 ips to run my party with my ip it will be 4 so i can run each 2 on a different ip

Advice: Try find a proxy that will be close to your location. Otherwise ping will be increse and It will let to delays.


im tryaing to but cant find a good one

location: Germany

There are tons of VPS providers in Germany. I would get a bunch of them and tunnel using PuTTY.

yeah i found a couple but im new to this proxy/vps so i didnt understand every thing you said but i will give it a try

on vps dante-server is very good and easy


apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install dante-server
cat /dev/null > /etc/danted.conf
vi /etc/danted.conf
dpkg --configure --pending
/etc/init.d/danted start