Login queue

python with Is there a way to access the Login queue data?


login queue: 28/1027

How can I access 1027 data?


Read it from the packet… 0x210E

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I know it’s from this package, but how exactly can I make the Data part readable?
Login queue: 118/1040
Server: (Opcode) 0x210E (Data) 01 10 04 E1 F3 C2 00 76

Please help with this, thank you.


def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
	if opcode == 0x210E:
		if data[0] == 1:
			Index = 1
			MaxQueue = struct.unpack_from('<H',data,Index)[0]
			Index += 6
			CurrentQueue = struct.unpack_from('<H',data,Index)[0]

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Love u bro :slight_smile:

That’s what I was looking for


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