Login ERROR 12 all the time only PHbot

hi @Ryan i get a error 90% of the time @the login screen all other bots work fine like s-bot m-bot
its just the ph bot that make this :

[16:24:06] You have 17 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR
[16:24:08] Data load status: 100%
[16:24:11] Connecting to the gateway server []
[16:24:12] Connected
[16:24:14] Server capacity [Destiny] [20.7%]
[16:24:16] Login: Sending login credentials
[16:24:16] Unknown login error [12]

it says destiny.dll broken,pls check and restart your client its proberly bec. the ph bot is sending no hwid to the server or to early if there is something u could fix this the server is Destiny from http://destiny-network.online/

as sayed it works with all bots even the cracked onece just phbot dont work well i have anydesk and teamviewer if u wanna check

EDIT: im not the only one with this problem on this server atm all with ph bot

I’m working on it.

Edit: Should work next version.

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Login with the client.

But i want Login Clientless Because I open a lot of characters … Why im Get Phbot !

You can go clientless after you get in game. They have a HWID limit.

Now what is the advantage of your program? … btw im open yesterday and i don’t get an problem why im get this is problem now ?!

It does almost everything you could imagine. Go clientless after you get in game. I don’t know why you care that it must login clientless.

@Boderawy just use this settings in ur maneger this will go CL 10 sec after login full CL Login is not posible on isro ( for any bot )

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I have that problem right now. After a disconnect on private server, I can’t relog. I need to close the bot, and re-open… Any tips and tricks?
I mention that I don’t use the manager cuz I don’t know how to :sweat_smile:(nooblar)

Use the Client option in the Manager.

go to Manager > Manager > Options > Manager and set Disconect to 20000 this worked for me

using manager is easy just try it for 10 min and you know how it works just set bot path minimap path and set the login data for each char set the server(to whatever you set it to must be same name)
and the profile name for the char ( bot > autoconfigure profile name and set the same in manager )