Login bug & trying repeatedly to relogin

i was botting safe
set bot to relogin every certain minutes to XP bar refill(palmyra)
sometimes it relogin normal
sometimes i find i got bugged & at login system says “char already login” even though when i log with another char to check … its offline
what makes this bug trigger? from the bot or what?

also i see phbot re’try to login every 30sec every time he gets a login error(login bug)
and this tryouts stack till it give’s me ip-block-6~5hours
whats the limit for re-try to login for the SRO-login-server & whats the safe time gap between every login try?

& since im playing Only 1char … i use phbot-testing directly(without manager)
so can i set time gap for every “re-try to login” in phbot-testing to avoid this ip-6h-ban…?

“char already login” is a joymax problem and u should write them a tickets or wait untill server restart comes