Login bug, bot doesn't respond that char stucked

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[04:19:22] Login Queue: 368/374

then char stop on this, after 2h i check it accidentally and it is not the 1st time, why the manager couldn’t know that char is stucked ? and could you @Ryan do this? i don’t know exactly is what is that problem, i just temn bot manager opens it again and no problem , this problem happens many time at the day so could you check it and if can do anything to fix it i would be grateful,

could you answer me, please

Uploading: Screenshot_2020-09-13-17-37-40-8 22_com.anydesk.anydeskandroid.jpg… 2x chars like that since 5h

Show your manager settings


Not sure why it doesn’t detect as disconnected but it seems like maybe the proxy is unstable. I’ve seen it happen before with proxies

proxy ping is fine, 90ms how could i test that ?

Not necessarily about the ping, could just be dropping connection. Do you get this on every char you open? Are you opening any off proxy? If so, do the ones off proxy have this problem?

not all but most not the same char every time, i use for every 2 chars 1 ip, i will test wothout proxy and see

Could be the proxy or some issue with the server.

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