List of suggestions


Attack: Lure

  • An option to pick (multiple) lure points from nearby mob spawn locations. Shouldn’t be hard to do considering the bot already has a list of mob spawn points.
  • An option to make the ‘Walk x spaces’ functionality to not select lure points that are close to the previous lure point. Ex. filtering lure points that are at least 180 degrees off the previous lure point.
  • An option to make the ‘Walk x spaces’ functionality to walk back to the center in small steps, instead of walking back to the center directly after arriving at the lure point.


  • An option to only accept/invite players with a certain name pattern to your academy, allow regex.

Python API

Note: I know that the majority of the following suggestions can be handled through packets. However it would be way easier for plugin developers to have an API that already does that for them.


  • A walk() function that takes x, y, z as parameters and walks to a location in game. Maybe an optional parameter that calculates and builds a walk path towards given coordinates.


  • A listener for exp gained, with a parameters for amount and type of exp gained (job/normal/pet/skill).


I’m not sure about the difficulty about this one.

  • An API or function that handles dialogs. Example: dialog_process(option index: int), chooses the dialog option with given index in the list.

Bot functions

  • Expose more of the bot functions in the plugin API. It would be nice if we could adjust certain bot settings through plugins more easily. Example: Party.invite_other_players(enabled: boolean).
  • The ability to sleep the bot thread.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but maybe expose more of the phBot python API to the public so people can contribute and add more API methods to it.

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Do you know this Site?^^


move_to(6400.0, 800.0, 0.0)

It’s more like “automagically walk from current position to the given position by using path finding” which could be done with API generate_path(x, y) (by the way, it should be region,x,y,z with recent changes?)

I’ll like to add my suggestion about a Disconnected event since existing ones are not realiables because the ping packet is not sent to the plugin if has clientless mode.

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It doesn’t take a region argument since it can only be used in the current area. I have added a disconnect event for the next version. You may receive the event multiple times since it will send it on the 0x2212 packet and when the socket is detected as disconnected.

@karos I believe I made all the invite lists use regex.

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Btw I was thinking the same thing. This would boost the lure functionality really well. I hope he will make it

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