Level up suggestions?

Hello everyone, I am looking for suggestions on the best way to make it to the next level. I am mostly a solo playing character. I do sometimes team up with other players. Finding a good party has been a bit difficult. I assume that my time zone limits finding a solid party. I did try party play in the Fire Temple. The exp was good. Receiving buffs helped a lot. Something wasn’t right about the fire temple though. The buffers stopped being able to buff and my character would not return to town for pots. So I would end up dying repeatedly. I play iSRO and current level is 131. What might be a really good place for a solo player to gain good exp? Right now I am only able to make around 0.70% per 24 hours of botting. I’d like to maybe make 1% to 1.75% per 24 hours. I’ve tried different areas yet I’m not sure where the most effective area could be.