Level Condition for Training Area

Does the Condition by Level under Training Area work?
I tried it with my main char and set for testing the condition “Level 7”. But the bot didn´t changed the area.
When would the bot change to new location?

Bot Version: v21.5.6
Char Level 131

What do you mean by level 7? When you select level that is the character level; unless I’m misunderstanding you?

You understand it correct.
When i chose level 7, the char should change the training area.

But i made an Test with my Main Char (LVL 131). I made 2 Scripts and loaded both as Training Area (Script A and Script B). After that i set the condition by level 7 and Script A is active. Because my Char is 131, he should run to Script B? Or i´m misunderstanding this function

That condition only fires when you are exactly that level.

Ah good to know.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

but thats condinition for only LTP characters? i mean with 8/8 pt’s level or exp can be differents so who is 7+ change script pt members can be alone script A others B?

I don´t know what you mean exactly.
As Ryan said it works when the character reach the condition.
For example you set Condition by Level = 7 then your char use with lvl 7 return scroll to town and go to new Training Area.

When you use it in a 8/8 some chars will leave the spot and some stay as they reach the condition

thanks for informations this good setting for no make everytime change spot with hand have setting like 8/8 pt when all chars lvl 7 return scroll to town and new training area?