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@Ryan This workout does not solve IP block problem. Also I did not get the point why did you “increased reconnect delays if the queue is full”

If any1 wanna use manager update enough.

I was starting all bots and stopping. Even I stopped they were trying to log on and this was usefull. You shud keep manager update but please change delay to back 1 minute again.

It is 1 minute.

No Ryan I sent message you in chat. When I stop bot stop to try. Before it was trying for every 1 min period.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-01-23 195308
@Ryan look it is not trying. I did not click manager new option. I started bot and when screen comes stopped. I wanna it keeps to try as before.

same here bot stop trying

@Ryan really it is important. I dont need any delay. Who need just use new manager update :slightly_smiling_face:

Please check phbot.exe delay and change delay 1 min during trying while bot is stopped.

So let the manager reopen the bot like it’s supposed to

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Did not understand me? @Ryan broke running system and play afk here. I dont need delay like before. Who wanna use delay go use manager update. Btw your update dont protect to from blocking. Did not see that while testing? You cannot solve this problem with time.

I shared sreenshot and still @Ryan dont answer. He said it is still 1 min but not.

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