Latency option

  • Added a low latency option (run the bot with --low-latency or put LowLatency=1 in phBot.ini)

what this low latency? for what?
internet usage?
so adding the “LowLatency=1”
would weak my other apps connections?
do to priority alike or something?

where is the option in the bot’s window?
or just through the .ini file?

+++++++++++++++++ Same questions…

yeah i wonder same thing. how it works?

@Ryan ?

same question here

Low latency is to reduce lag basically. If you have a high latency that means its taking you awhile to get a response from the server, in other words youre lagging…

so if youre lagging in game, use it.

whats the exchange in using it?
& do i have to close all bots?
& which section is it in the bot? cuz i dont see that option…
or is it by editing the .ini file only…?

only in the ini file.

and the downside of editing this?
other wise // why wouldnt it be a passive thing that was there to begin with…?

You could disconnect more often or CPU usage could be higher.

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  • or put LowLatency=1 in phBot.ini *
    put it down at the top?

cuz i dont see it in the file…
as in decades here:
Added a low latency option (run the bot with --low-latency

soo it be like this:

i didnt press save yet…

You got it right, --low-latency is a command line arguement

WTF are u talking about
talk to me in “me no engurish” language
not C++ expert
please… xD
so should i add this or that or what&where

lol i said you had it right. Press save

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