Lags after first quest [Sky Temple]

Hey there Ryan,

so I take two daily quests everyday where I have to kill 300 Mobs each quest. I do prefer 3 mobs for each quest and ignore others and when I finish the first quest (doesn’t matter which one I do first), the client starts lagging alot and the char doesn’t want to move on. Sometimes when I press Stop bot on phBot, it takes a few seconds until it stops. When I stop the bot and kill the mobs manually, there is no lag at all, as soon as I start bot again, it starts lagging and kills like 1mob then does nothing.
It is always when the first quest is done in Sky Temple.
PS: When I’m out of Sky Temple and join for example HWT it is all fine again.

Does it have to do with ignoring/prefer mobs? or do I do anything wrong?

Using Testing version of phBot

I appreciate any help


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