lag detected

can u make an option for the bot to relog or something when it gets lag detected? cause it can pass hours and hours and the lag detected wont change on the bot… it becomes a useless bot when this happens,any solve for this?

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You should use the Manager.

We told this before, and im using manager. Even if Its happening rarely its disturbing

If I can’t reproduce it I can’t fix it.

A simple solution: if lag detected error count greater then x in y mins; then close bot,disconnect or etc…

It already does that after 10 minutes.

As we all say it does not. Maybe there 2 different places that it give lag detected error, and youre looking to wrong one.

You can see its long then 10 mins from logs i shared, and they were only the starting of the log. This continue for hours

No. They utilize the same timer.

Check the link again pls

If you see that message 20 times like that it means you received a packet and were able to move at some point.

It doesnt change that char is actually disconnecting and bot can not detect it.

Which server? There’s no way for me to reproduce this.

Joysro likya. As i remember i dont face it either for a week or something. I agree about reproducing youre right its happening rare.

or can u use log file like stall log? if lag detected = write msg Lag Log.

not only Joysro Even XEON Online i am having the same issue

plus i have another issue some time the bot keep trying to combine the starter arrows + the arrows in the inventory and its couldnt combine it
so it keeps combining forever … and then the char gets dc … and its shows that the char is botting while its disconnected

this error usualy comes when the internet conection is unstable … it logs in and shows up the lag detected but doesnt do anything else just stands in… if i check the bot map it only appears my char instead of the surrondings… can u create a thing like a condition to the manager? like relog when lag is detected or maybe relog every x min when bot doesnt move or fix dunno but its a very anoying problem it affects so many ppl