Job temple teleport dont work

hi i made a script to walk to anubis and neith triggert by the time condition but at the last teleporter “the TP to the uniques room” the bot stops with this msg :

[20:35:34] Script: Walking to -21473, -151

[20:35:36] Script: Walking to -21471, -176

[20:36:03] phBot was unable to get the object ID of the teleporter [-21471, -176]

[20:36:03] Please create a post telling us the name of the NPC that you are trying to teleport with

and the destination

[20:36:03] Bot stopped. Botting time [9 minutes]

[20:36:52] Bot started

hire the script part just at the teleporter :


Those aren’t supported since it’s only open at certain times.

is it somehow possible to do it maualy… or can u add something so it works

well in my server they open every 2h so maybe u could try and test it? @Ryan

I don’t really have plans to add it.

pls @Ryan then ph bot would be the only bot able to do it, it would be a major selling point becourse there are many job based p server out there and its also just 5-6 teleports after tp the script works again its just the tp

maybe u could make a voting if ppl would actaly use it i think it will be a lot