Job npc stuck

If my char inventory empty (job pounch) bot cant handle it. Error “not enought box” How can i fix it? I found some long opcode but thats not working. Can u check pls? @Ryan @JellyBitz i trying to do if got this error then return and change script

Server: (Opcode) 0xB533 (Data) 07 34 90
Client: (Opcode) 0x7533 (Data) 07 E7 01 00 00

What do you mean? Is it waiting to buy more goods?

no i trying for isro and when bot select “begin target trading” if pounch empty return town. i set if empty job pounch dont start trade but sometimes bot doing.

Bot msg = Trade: Not enough specialty goods boxes to begin a trade

not working this code

def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
    #Server: (Opcode) 0xB533 (Data) 07 34 90
    if opcode == 0xB533:
        if data[0] == 0x07 and data[1] == 0x34 and data[2] == 0x90:
            log("Not enough specialty goods boxes")

So what’s the problem? It stops right?

yes but i want to do use return and go slot/training area

So return and switch the training spot when you’re out of boxes?

bro already i did “if no boxes dont start trade” but sometimes bot still try to start trade. so i trying fix it with opcode. with opcode %100 it will work

I’m not saying what you should do. I’m asking if you want this feature because that’s the only way to fix it.

edited my last msg

If handle it with opcode my chars not stuck on job npc

@Ryan can u check opcodes pls? Or @JellyBitz

When i get this msg how can i set change script?

Bot msg = Trade: Not enough specialty goods boxes to begin a trade

You can’t. There is no way for you to change your script without detecting that packet through Python then stopping/starting the bot.

I know i mean asking this msg opcode. U did before so can u share it with me?

I cant detecting packet. Can u tell me opcode?

Can u share me opcode for this msg?

Just get xPacket and see what the opcode is.

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