'job_current_exp' Error

Hi all,

I’m trying to coding a plugin for auto answer to questions.
But the logging trader exp. does not match with in game trader exp.

logging exp:100239899711417

in game exp:1471752675

I need some help…


sro_client version?
it’s 1.101 vSro Private Server
Phbot v16.2.3
python v3.4.0

I think you have to youse the Test Version

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It’s paid.
I used paid and free version too but the result is the same
@Verya @Ryan

What you mean with paid?
If you bought the bot you can chose between a stable version or with a test version with more function.

OhOK. I will test other versions.

caravan trade products you is sell gold job experience exp start to adding
work experience is not right in the game because you are wasting your time
the only way to solve it is only work experience should only based the parentheses, or the bot will give the wrong answer by constantly pulling the wrong job experience

Can you send me your plugins?
Hocam pluginini banada yollayabilirmisin ne yaptıysam çalıştıramadım.