jellyDix get_inventory

@JellyBitz i tried to integrate this function into ur jellyDix plugin

def report_ac(args):
cur_items = get_inventory()[‘items’]
if cur_items != []:
for item in cur_items:
if item != None:
if “Arena Coin” in item[‘name’]:
#send discord notification
cur_date =
Notify(str(788910082175401764), “|"+character_data['name']+"| - ACQ = “+str(item[‘quantity’])+” | “+“Date: “+str(”-”+str(cur_date.month)+”-”+str(cur_date.year))
log(‘Plugin: Arena Coins Reported’)

the purpose of it is report current arena coins quantity to my discrod
but i get this error:
Python Error: an integer is required (got type NoneType)
i cant figure out where is the problem

P.S: channel id is modified for privacy purposes

Seems like the error is not from there.

Just make sure to return 0 as default when creating script functions.

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return 0 fixed the error thx <3