Jangan Cave script

hello guys, is there some way that my chars do their buffs while walking in jangan cave rather than putting each skill in script to use? and also for example when invisible ends it reuses it, same with noise to bards and healing cycle/orbit for cleric… can that be or i have to put them manually into the script?!! i wanna go train into jangan cave mobs lv90+ but im afraid from these things!!

Edit: also if somebody have scripts for mobs lv90+ in jangan cave throw them up to me which are using the buffs, thanks in advance.

Under Attack → Buffs There is a DropDown.
Chose Script and set your Buffs

is it really working? i haven’t tried it yet and worried thats why im asking so if its not working i will not go anyway but if you’ve tried it and its working i shal give it a try

Sure it works.
My Wizzard use on this way invisible

so i make a normal script and just put invisible in script buff, same with bards and cleric… is that right?

Yes thats right

Thanks dude very much <3