Item collection

I have 8 chars and I need to copy-paste thier item collect options. So how can I do ?

Do you mean the pick filter options? You can do that from the Manager on the “Pick Filter” tab, or you can copy/paste/rename the db3 files inside the phBot Config folder.

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Can I change them names ? like Demeter_Ryan.db3 to Demeter_Dodo.db3 ?

And I have proxy for all chars but I cant logging them same time 6 in joining 2 are waiting for log.

Yes you can do that. Just copy it and rename the copied file.

If you enable the queue system only 1 will login per gateway server, or 2 at a time for iSRO.

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2 with local server but I have proxy for it. 6 chars are joining game now but 2 waiting. I dont know :smiley:

Did you set the queue in the Manager to only start 2?

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No I didnt. Its free now. Start all accounts same time.

The queue system must be enabled in the bot then. You can uncheck the box but you might have login issues.

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Maybe I bugged it :smiley: I will check it. probably I dont have a problem. Thanks for time mate. Stay Well