Issues with login manager

Hello, im having a strange issue since I changed computers with manager.
In some chars (from another group, not my main chars)
Manager has issues loging them: I add them to start up (name in green), manager opens the bot, makes 2 lines of queue, closes and starts over. When I click to stop the loging, it can log normal.
Is this an issue of the settings of those chars crashing? How can I solve it?
Is very important for me. Thanks

Make sure the database is up to date for those characters.

I was thinking of deleting the folders of those chars and adding the accounts again. But I have settings in those chars. is there a way t save them?

I mean just the private server database. If it’s outdated it could be causing issues where the bots restart before they finish updating it.

I checked and it seems thats not the issue. Is there any way I can get help via discord or any other chanel? I really need to fix it ASAP

What are your delays in the Manager?


Not in game is probably too low.

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