Issues with Guild storage


Im having issues with my chars they are not putting gold into the guildstorage. is this an issue for everyone or am i just stupid ?


maybe this help u


i have the same settings as you have


Does your script walk to guild storage? That’s the most common problem people post about.


make sure DoGuildStorage is in ur town script


yes they walk to the guild storage and even deposit items but not the gold
for some reason


they are doing guild storage and putting items and so but just not the gold for some reason


any ideas on what i can try ? still havent figured it out


I wanted linuusche’s to send me his town script and I’ve tried it
I noticed that he used different commands

must be


yes u need DoGuildStorage for gold


thanks alot for the help mhe, its working now. And i also realised u can modify the town scripts hahaha this will save me alot of time !