Issue with new PhBot account

Today I bought a bot subscription for 4 weeks, then I got ID and PW at my email, but the problem is that bot still says i have 0 days left.
Is there any time that I have to wait before it will be charged?
Thank you for yor answer

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If you received an account it means the time was applied. Are you sure you are logging in with the new one you received and not an old account? Delete phBot.ini and log back in.

Im sure :confused:
I did it and still same issue.
When i bought it i got 2 messages like always (one with Login and PW)

From that email I can tell that you bought CrapTrap and not phBot time.

… You are right.
Sorry, my bad.
Thank you for your help.

phbot giriş şifresini unuttum ne yapabilirim