Isro phbot stop auto lure settings

Hello ,
while checking my bot today I found something weird , I set my warrior to stop luring if 1 or more party members are dead
but I found 3 party members are dead and yet warrior still luring

this is not related to my question … and I don’t want to use lure script for this party .

Hello ?

Make sure you are in the party and that your training radius isn’t too small.

sasasofo is right Ryan, stop Lure if I have fewer than 8 parties in the Lure environment. However, the party member continues despite the decline. There may be a problem in the Lure section. If you want a stable Lure, you need to prepare a small script.

Hey Ryan ,
yes of course the warrior was in the party when I noticed this behaviour
the radius was 55 and the dead accounts were in center .

make ur lure range 49 Max 50
cuz bot can’t do more than 50 or will stop out range and can’t back

but it can stop luring after back to center ? …
I always had 65+ lure range and everything was working normally idk why suddenly now bot keep luring even when party member is dead .

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